Let Toned Homes Tune Up Your AC System

Have Your AC Tuned Up By The Professionals in San Antonio, TX

Toned Homes is offering the best A/C tune up in San Antonio, TX.

What does the A/C tune up consist of?

1.We will wash your outdoor unit from the inside out removing all the leaves and debris

2. The ducts will be checked to make sure no rodents have torn them over the winter

3. If there is a problem we will give you the diagnosis and help you make the best decision for you and your unit

As A Bonus We Will Fog Your Ducts For FREE!

As A Bonus We Will Fog Your Ducts For FREE!

What is duct fogging? It is a bacteriastat/ fungistat anti microbial deodorizer fog

How often should you have this done? It is recommended to have your AC Ducts fogged every 6 months (once before the summer and once before the winter)

Your house in your castle, call Toned Homes today to come out and make sure your AC System is tuned up and as an added bonus, we will make sure your ducts are fogged.